New Nevada's holdings cross large expanses of Nevada that contain properties suitable for solar and wind energy production, wide valley floors suitable for grazing/farming/recreation, beautiful mountain tops, river and lake front property, and some of the last wide open spaces that exist in the contiguous forty-eight. The mineral estate is located within world class mineral deposits and mining operations, immense geothermal reservoirs, and chainman shale deposits (currently being explored for oil potential).

Northern Nevada sits completely within the Great Basin and has a unique Basin and Range topography that is relatively underexplored and has remained somewhat remote when compared to the rest of the country. Historically, Northern Nevada has been a hub for mineral exploration and mining, farming and agriculture, homesteading, energy production, industrial development, transportation hubs, and recreational activities. From historical mining and agricultural uses to renewable energy opportunities and increasing tourism, New Nevada is a pro-development company willing to work within a wide array of industries in an effort to increase the value of its property/interests which can, in turn, provide lucrative positions for outside parties.

The mission of New Nevada is to creatively manage, develop, lease, and/or sell its land and resource assets in order to build portfolios of long term, income producing assets.