Close to 500,000 acres of land is available for purchase at wholesale price that crosses a wide array of land types including, but not limited to, industrial/commercial land in close proximity to transportation corridors and utilities; residential/recreational land (forested, desert, waterfront, riverfront, mountain top, hunting, fishing, etc.); wildlife lands containing deer, elk, antelope, sage grouse, and birds of prey; desert sand dunes; agricultural lands including farming and grazing; Pinyon-Juniper woodlands; breathtaking vistas; gold placer deposits; as well as remote, off-grid parcels.


Surface Leases:

  • Communication Facilities – Several parcels are suitable for covering large expanses of land via communication/radio/microwave relay stations and towers
  • Grazing – Hundreds of thousands of acres of land suitable for cattle grazing
  • Signage – Several parcels front major highways
  • Solar Energy Generation
  • Wind Energy Generation



In addition to the 485,000 acres of surface rights, New Nevada also retains a reserved access/utility easement portfolio of approximately 690,000 acres. The nature of the checkerboard land pattern can be costly and time consuming for any project within the area, but New Nevada can potentially ease this burden by providing access across almost 1.2 million acres of land.

Nevada Revised Statute 37.010 gave mining, smelting and related activities the power of eminent domain in behalf of public use, however the court decision in Susette Kelo vs. the City of New London (2005) sparked a flurry of eminent domain law change through several states. The Nevada State Legislature repealed the power of eminent domain for mining in 2011 within the state (Senate Bill No. 86, approved April 29, 2011) and the value of New Nevada’s reserved easements changed drastically. For any project/company working within the checkerboard province that may have previously relied on this law, now has a possible alternative when working with New Nevada’s surface estate and easement reservations.



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